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Call it rubber-necking or whatever you want, but when one company buys another company in this business we want to know the details.

Such is the case with the announcement that Pennsylvania based Really Strategies (news, site) has just bought out DocZone (news, site), a Dutch-based SaaS XML content management provider under -- you guessed it -- undisclosed terms.

DocZone’s DITA solution is known as being one of the most affordable on the market, while Really Strategies’ RSuite is a browser-based web content management system for publishers.

By mixing it up with DocZone, Really Strategies says it will be able to offer their solution to clients in publishing -- one of the most cash-strapped industries there is -- and offer a whole new array of pricing and implementation models that should fit even the tightest pockets.

New Billing Options?

In fact, if DocZone takes to the table some of its offerings, this deal could produce one of the most economically viable products on the market.

As early as September 2007, DocZone announced that it was releasing a billing option for its SaaS XML solution on a pay-by-the-minute basis.

At the time it was understood that this would enable clients to purchase blocks of minutes for a fixed per-minute rate with discounts available for larger slices of time. The purchased minutes could then be shared among users in a DocZone environment.

That the DocZone business model is an attractive option was demonstrated as late as last January when JustSystems announced that it was going into partnership with DocZone to enable businesses to leverage the XMetal product line and its DITA standards at cut-throat prices.

So cut-throat was the deal that companies were being offered three free months of DocZone DITA for each XMetaL authoring license that it purchased from

And this is why we want to know what the deal with Really Strategies is all about. Is the pricing per minute still an option and what will happen with partnerships that DocZone has already entered?

RSuite SaaS Solution?

The other side of the equation in all this is the RSuite content management system that will presumably now be offered as a SaaS option.


The RSuite Workflow

Powered by MarkLogic Server and providing native support for XML content storage services, it comes with a full text search option with XQuery, and a full suite of editorial capabilities for XML and other content formats.

With an open architecture that makes it completely scalable, it can manage XML documents, Word files, PDFs, images, video and any other content format being used by client companies.

RSuite Engine

The RSuite Engine is a Java-based environment that runs on both Windows and Linux environments with an API that enables developers to load, create, search and deliver content.

Other abilities include:

  • Assigning and management of metadata at any element level
  • Ability to build custom user interfaces for browsing and working with content
  • Versioning with and lock and unlock content functions
  • Ability to interact with other content management functions.

Stronger Market Position

Without insisting on it, its hard to know how this deal will pan out as we don’t know the terms.

However, if the pricing ranges available from DocZone are carried across into the new entity, then for publishers-on-a-shoestring this in definitely one to be watching out for.

As far as the solutions and products are concerned it appears to be business as usual with no one breaking their stride.