Open Text, the ECM solutions provider (and contender for world domination), announces that RedDot's most current content management and delivery software are available, in the form of RedDot CMS 7.5 and RedDot LiveServer 3.5. Post acquisition, RedDot functions as the Open Text Web Solutions Group.RedDot's VP of technology Christoph Bodi notes, "The newest versions of CMS and LiveServer give organizations more powerful Web content management and targeted content delivery with ease of use." Indeed, updated versions of RedDot CMS and RedDot LiveServer seek to focus on leveraging the most current in Web CMS functionality, targeted Web content delivery, better system-level integration and localized web support. To get a better sense of what that all means, features include: * Total Open Text Livelink ECM integration. This means users get access to docs across intranets, extranets and on Web sites. * Improved access to portal navigation. RedDot can now be implemented to enable more intuitive access for site administrators. TREX Search is also included to enable federated content search in the SAP Portal, including the content within RedDot CMS. * Souped-up search. Integration with Microsoft SQL's full text search lends both more flexible indexing and improved search performance. * A cleaner foundation for add-ons, empowering RedDot partners, customers and developers to build RedDot Web components and tools that ultimately unite CMS content with component functionalities. The collaboration forum, a product of this new foundation, is also available. * A revamped task monitoring interface that displays a quick-view of user activity within the RedDot CMS landscape. With this, administrators can better assess across-the-board content contribution. The upgrade looks promising, but current RedDot users should tune into what looks like some hiccups related to a recent, and perhaps colliding service pack release. It's our impression (or at least our dear hope) that the bugs have been eradicated with v7.5. To sate latent concerns, Bodi looks optimistically forward. "As more organizations look to provide unique Web experiences to customers and prospects, we will continue to design RedDot Web solutions so site administrators, marketers and other business users can more easily create optimal Web experiences to meet the needs of their site visitors." Read more about RedDot CMS 7.5 and LiveServer at the RedDot Community site.