The days of the web content management systems existing only to support website publishing are in the past. Consumers demand precise and personal information and, organization deliver this, if they want to build the brand and make the sale.

According to a recent research report from the Aberdeen Group (download the PDF), 67% of respondents are using separate technologies for Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Campaign Management, CRM and Web Content Management (WCM).

The result? It is very difficult to for them to offer the seamless, personalized multi-channel experience needed to engage their customers and prospects.

According to Aberdeen, the next generation web content management system needs to bridge the inter-system gap -- providing marketers with actionable insights that can support and enhance online engagement. 

Learning Opportunities

To find out more about the challenges for today's marketers and how the next generation of web content management system can support them, check out the Aberdeen Group's report (hosted by Sitecore) entitled Next Generation WCM: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges and The Future of WCM.