Royale CMS: Rebrandable Flash CMS for Agencies and Freelancers
It looks like the Flash content management games are still alive and well. We've talked a lot about collaborative and very hands-on solutions in the past (Yooba, Flypaper), but today's new contestant has a bit of a different flavor. Royale/CMS touts themselves as "the ultimate answer to the needs of every Flash professional" and acts as a rebrandable platform specifically for agencies and freelancers.

Made for Professionals

Royale/CMS is a leg of Sydney-based interactive agency, Design Royale. Because it only manages XML, the team claims the platform is suitable for any workflow, and presents no restrictions on the structure or design of a website:

The platform can be hosted as well as installed on an external server, and users can reportedly rebrand and resell it to their clients as their own application.

Some other key features:

  • Created to fit into your design
  • No templates or themes - all data delivered in XML format
  • Can be hosted or installed on an external server
  • White-label and rebrandable
  • Simple interface
  • Multiple users, various edit and update permissions
  • Media management and automatic image cropping
  • Convert any standard video format to FLV

A Royale Invitation

Established in 2006, Design Royale is a relatively young company. But like we said, their aim is in a different direction than some of the platforms we've seen. Flypaper heavily focuses on involving both clients and back end users in the design process, while SaaS-y Yooba is for users who'd rather not waste any time on an installation. Perhaps it will be Design Royale's developer-only attitude that gets them the attention they need.

Up until now, Royale/CMS was only available to Design Royale clients, but now the doors are open. Test drive option include a live demo or a 30 day trial