Word is out that CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly Inc., has chosen RSuite CMS to replace its existing directory CMS. RSuite, specializing in XML-based content management systems for publishers, is providing the expertise necessary to guide CQ Press past the precarious point of growth with their directory content. The unexpected growth spurt in 2006 overwhelmed the directory content management tools already in place. After considerable review of existing options, RSuite CMS was deemed to be the right fit for the expanding firm. CQ Press business analyst Tracey Ryan reflects, "We conducted an in-depth analysis of CMS options [...] We decided to use RSuite CMS because it provides tools specifically for publishers and enables us to take full advantage of our XML by storing it in an XML-based repository." CQ Press also acquired other directory publications and is planning on unrolling a new line of industry offerings. In addition to the content mushroom and the new products on the pipeline, CQ Press will also be making logistical changes to the way the will present their information in the future. To illustrate, they recently decided to maneuver to a topic-based editorial approach instead of a product-based one. RSuite CMS is able to manage and maintain XML content at node levels as defined by users, which will significantly help offset the challenges CQ Press will face as it makes planned editorial changes. The inclusion of RSuite CMS will also make it easier for CQ press to release spin-off products as the market requires. Michael Puscar, director of technology solutions at Really Strategies, RSuite's parent company, noted the implementation of RSuite will enable CQ Press to add a customized UI to their editorial system as well as more scaleable search infrastructure and the ability to manage content at the most specific of levels. Other notable pairings of late include the enhanced support of FastCGI with Movable Type 3.34, the use of Kino to revamp the Socialtext wiki search facilities, and one triage to round things off: that of FileNet and Documentum, which just got connected to MOSS.