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In a move that appears to counter rather than complement the availability of Salesforce Content, announces the immediate availability of Hot Banana's Web CMS offering via App Exchange. According to both J.L. Halsey - purveyor of Hot Banana - and, the inclusion of the Hot Banana Web CMS provides an integration point between the sales team and marketing team within a given organization. The integration point being the ability for both groups to get the data they want in their desired format. Specifically, the marketing team maintains full control of their precious web forms and landing pages while the sales team gets access to all the juicy lead generation data. The good news for developers is that no more one-off scripts are required to translate from one format to another. Hot Banana provides the ability to: * Build multi-level web forms with CAPTCHA validation included * Quickly setup web analytics with lead sourcing and conversion tracking * Transfer data from registrations, subscriptions, promotions, newsletters, and surveys directly into's flagship CRM product On one hand, it is refreshing to see provide an application that meets the specific needs of its core customer base. However, one must wonder why they would include a web cms that directly competes with the Salesforce Content product that has received so much hype recently. To which side do you think is leaning? Let us know what you think in the comments. For more information about all the applications available from, visit the AppExchange.