When it comes to being quick off the mark SDL Tridion (news, site) must be one of the quickest. Only last week it released the results of a survey that indicated that online shoppers want companies to track them. Two days later they released a new set of web forms that can do exactly that.

In fairness, the company has been developing WebForms for quite some time, so the timing of their release may just be coincidental with the What the Customer Wants survey. However, the release of the two within days of each other is quite timely.

The survey identified a number of surprising customer attitudes. WebForms 2010 aims to exploit those attitudes to enable businesses create interactive, intelligent forms that will result in the provision of the exact information, or services, from a company that their clients have requested.

WebForms 2010 For Web Visitors

The basic idea behind the newest version of web forms is that the better a company engages with their online visitors the more likely it will be that those visitors will do business with that company.

WebForms 2010 is designed to provide client information to the company so the company can do just that. Saved directly into a company's content management system, it enables users to insert the forms into any managed page on their website using the same website branding as the rest of the site.

The company says that there are two different kinds of forms depending on the needs of the company user.

They include:

  • WebForms for IT, which allows IT departments to create business logic forms that can interact between company and client, submitting the information to back-office systems, and validating the information within form fields.
  • Business forms that can be created by non-technical users with easy drag-and-drop functionality and predefined field types. The beauty of this is that marketing departments can create more marketing-friendly forms quicker than would normally be the case.

The forms can also be created in a visitor’s primary language as WebFroms 2010 can separate the information from the forms themselves, translate the information in the same way other web content is translated and insert the information back into the forms.

Between the two types of forms, SDL Tridion aims to provide companies with a means of turning site visits into customer profiles.

It is critical that the power to do this lies with the marketer and not the IT department. IT departments understand the technical details of implementing forms and integrating results with back-office systems, but it is the marketing department that understands what they need to collect for successful campaigns today and future communications" explains Jan Jaap Kolleman, Chief Executive Officer of SDL Tridion.

What Do You Want . . .?

In respect of gathering information, worth noting is the SDL Tridion survey What the Customer Wants , which we covered last week and which featured the collective answers of 1,000 UK consumers.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the survey indicates that there are more online customers now than there ever were and that those customers want companies to track them.

There are many interesting figures here, but in respect of WebFroms 2010 one figure stands out. That figure shows that 66% of Internet users expect to view content specifically catered to their interests with 41% saying that in addition to being tracked they’d also prefer if their information was saved and they didn’t have to fill out billions of forms a second time.

WebForms 2010 Webinar

For a better overview of how this new application can be used, SDL Tridion is holding a webinar on November 26 entitled Interaction: the Heart of Marketing.

Aimed at marketers, it will show users how to quickly and easily create and manage web forms for multilingual, multi site interactive marketing.