SilkRoad Technology, Inc., a provider of Web Content Management (CMS) and Collaboration software, announces the the Silkware platform. The software brings together audio and video blogging plus a number of communication and collaboration tools.The SilkClips audio/video blogging tool sets a new precedent for delivery of video content over the Web. The application allows bloggers to capture, publish and play back audio and video clips. SilkRoad envisions the product enabling independent media outlets to better leverage the Web as a vehicle for video content delivery. As an alternative to conventional broadcast channels, independents could use SilkClips to produce a series of video clips arranged into a feed, or channel, to be delivered over the Web. Features of note include:
  • Emailing of feeds and clips
  • Publish/Reading will support the MetaWeblogAPI and RSS 2.0 with enclosures.
  • All clips can be viewable by Web-enabled players or the downloadable players.
The Silkware platform also includes the following: Silkmessenger Silkware's instant messaging and chat product. It includes security, auditing, and advanced features for business. Silkblogs Silkblogs is a Web publishing application built specifically with business users in mind. Silkblogs gives individuals in a membership base a voice to effectively share their thoughts, ideas, documents and images on the Web. Silksurveys Silksurveys is a dynamic Web survey and feedback management tool. The product simplifies the creation, publishing, and distribution multi-question, multi-page, Web-based surveys. The Silkware platform is SilkRoad's foundation for its content management and collaboration solutions.