Leading Content Management Server Adds Sophisticated Analytics Capabilities and Expanded Web Services Support SilkRoad technology, inc., the leading provider of enterprise-class, easy-to-use content management and collaboration software, today announced the availability of Eprise 2004, the company's most advanced content management system to date. Eprise 2004 boasts a number of innovative features built on top of the existing Eprise platform that makes it easy to create, manage, deploy and update rich, content-driven Web sites.Eprise 2004 manages and simplifies the flow of content to Web sites by enabling non-technical business users to add, modify, manage, and publish content without the assistance of a Webmaster or IT department. With Eprise, enterprises can create page templates and incorporate them across a Web site. Using these templates, employees can create and edit content without changing page structure or overall site look and feel. Version and rollback controls provide safe restoration of content when necessary and Eprise's administration interface allows for constant auditing and tracking capabilities along with management of content creation and publication tasks. "Using Eprise 2004 to keep the content on our web properties current is a transparent process. Our editors publish a new article once, and it is distributed across all of our web properties at the same time," said Tom Potts, CEO of Bruderhof Internet Consulting, the online publishing arm of the Bruderhof Communities. "The same article will appear on our flagship website and on relevant themed secondary sites through the use of powercode filtering. Because Eprise enables us to separate content and presentation, we are able to maintain rich websites on over 50 web properties with a small team of editors and graphic designers. Prior to utilizing Eprise for content management, website maintenance was a labor-intensive process hopelessly bottlenecked behind a single 'webmaster.'" Over 3,000 Web sites have been deployed utilizing the Eprise product. Deployments range from single-server to 14 CPU clusters and span intranets, extranets and public-facing Web sites with many customers deploying all three. In addition, SilkRoad boasts more than a 96 percent renewal rate and expects more than 99 percent renewal rate with the launch of Eprise 2004. Key features of SilkRoad Eprise 2004 include: -- Seamless Web-browser Editing - Through SilkRoad ReadyEdit, Eprise 2004 allows business users to click into a Web page, edit text, and publish content without ever having to enter into a separate editing window or application. The user never leaves the "look" of the Web site, enabling WYSIWYG editing directly in the browser. -- Complete Analytics Package - Through SilkRoad NetAnswer, Eprise 2004 provides a complete analytics package for Web sites. This easy-to-use, robust package provides an intelligent feedback loop to help understand if Web sites are meeting overall business goals. -- Increased Corporate Control - Eprise 2004 enables corporations to distribute permissions through recursive role delegation. IT departments can delegate a sub-set of permissions to various business units across the enterprise. -- New Web Services Integration - Eprise 2004 also introduces expanded support for Web Services standards both exposing and consuming remote applications. By exposing Eprise functions, business users can contribute, manage and publish assets in the context of other Web applications. Through consumption, Eprise 2004 can incorporate back end application data into the Web site. -- Expanded Support - Eprise 2004 has expanded support for new servers, databases and Web servers. This includes support for Windows Server 2003, IIS 6.0, Apache 2, and Oracle 9.2. SilkRoad has also expanded its partnership with Verity to include both Verity V5 and the powerful Verity K2 search engine. Finally, Eprise 2004 expands support for Netegrity SiteMinder providing another tool to manage authentication. "Demand for timely information has increased the pressure on organizations to create and update Web content in ever faster cycles. Often the task of making changes to a site is given to IT and not to knowledge experts which results in overloading technical specialists and creating a bottleneck that hampers business," said Brian Platz, general manager, SilkRoad. "SilkRoad Eprise 2004 provides an enterprise content management solution that incorporates ease of implementation, ease of use, and ease of management without sacrificing key functionality that is obviously vital within any enterprise." Pricing and availability SilkRoad Eprise 2004 is now currently available to the public. In addition to being offered as behind the firewall enterprise software, Eprise 2004 is also offered as Software As A Service (SAAS). For detailed pricing information please visit www.silkroadtech.com. About SilkRoad SilkRoad technology, inc., is a leading developer of content management and web collaboration application solutions that offer the ease of use, scalability, performance and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and service providers. SilkRoad technology's innovative solutions provide web content management, network camera management, and team collaboration application suites. Additional information about SilkRoad technology products can be found at http://www.SilkRoadtech.com/ or toll free in the US at 1.866.329.3363 and internationally at +1.336.201.5100. Source: Business Wire