SilverStripe (newssite) has started work on version 3.0 of its open source web content management system. Like a birthday, the version will be a year in the making and culminate with goodies and a celebration. The SilverStripe community is expected to introduce substantial enhancements to the existing v2.4.x series and help the platform remain a leader in the competitive open-source web CMS market.

What to Expect in Version 3.0 of the Web CMS

Last week, SilverStripe held its first public meeting to discuss the next version of its software. In true open-source fashion, the community is driving the features. The development will be a shared effort between developers at SilverStripe Ltd., the commercial company that supports SilverStripe, and the wider open-source community.

SilverStripe has multiple goals for version 3.0:

  • Improve SilverStripe’s programming framework, Sapphire. The Sapphire framework will be separated from the CMS into an independent offering that can be used for general-purpose web application development, Sapphire 3.0. In addition to separating the functionality, improvements will be made to core architectural features of the framework such as the templating language, data integrity and performance.
  • Enhance the content author user experience. The SilverStripe interface will transition to the popular and familiar jQuery library and the platform will gain support for versioning images and documents in the same way pages can be versioned in the existing version.
  • Increase support for social and mobile web.

SilverStripe has released an initial feature list supporting the goals, but the final features will be driven by community contributions. The company has posted a detailed planning spreadsheet that prioritizes features and the likelihood of the feature getting into SilverStripe 3.0.

What’s Next for SilverStripe 3.0

SilverStripe is planning an alpha release in mid-2011, a beta late in the year and a stable release by the end of 2011. SilverStripe CMS v3.0 is being developed as a public open source effort; anyone can download the code from Details on how to contribute to SilverStripe are available on

Additional information regarding the plans and progress for version 3.0 is available:

The community will likely be keeping its eyes on the CMS that managed to become Microsoft’s first certified open source CMS.  What features would you like to see?