Just about four weeks ago Web content management vendor NetReach released their packaged, hosted Web CMS solution for marketers. With integrated blogs, RSS, email to a friend, a form builder and more, the company’s new PressRoom Solution aimed to empower the community builders on your team. PressRoom is a SaaS Web CMS offering built upon NetReach's cmScribe platform. The idea -- and we can see this being a blast of fresh air for some of you -- is that for US$ 99 your marketing and communcations team can be up 'n' running, and quickly, with a set of modern online marketing tools. Additionally, with the right template massaging, this SaaS virtual bolt-on can achieve a seamless look-and-feel integration with the rest of your site. Intrigued? Check out the following 4 minute screencast which walks through some basic operations.
PressRoom Web CMS Screencast