Sitecore Announced Record Revenues
Sitecore (newssite) has ended their fiscal year on two high notes: record revenue growth and a spot on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Hitting the Web Engagement Management (WEM) Market

Sitecore has staked its claim in the Web Engagement Management market and is seeing the positive results of their efforts. Today, they have over 2000 customers and power 24,000 plus websites.

The web content management vendor says that product innovations and global expansion are also part of the reason the company has done so well.

And you should remember the product innovations, as we have covered them:

  • Sitecore 6.3: The primary changes made to the Sitecore solution center on being able to efficiently allow server clustering for both the CMS and delivery servers. The changes have made Sitecore better suited for both cloud deployment and traditional on premise deployment models. Get the details here.
  • Email Campaign Manager: One of the features in the new Email Campaign Manager release — which is tied closely to both Sitecore CMS and the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite (OMS) — is the ability to expose contacts in CRM as users in Sitecore Web CMS, where CRM lists are manifested as Sitecore user groups. Read our take on this new solution.
  • Intranet Portal 3.1: An update to their 3.0 release last September, this release included support for MS Word for content creation, inline document management, integrated draft mode workflow and RSS support.

Hanging Out in a Billion Dollar Market

Gartner reported the revenues for Web Content Management will exceed US$ 1 billion this year. And in their who's who of web content management, they plant Sitecore in the leaders quadrant. A fairly nice place to be when you are sitting in front of potential customer.

As Gartner says this in the report what is important is the need to consider the "overall experience delivered to users and not just the content." This overall experience includes multi-channel delivery, the user experience, integration with backend systems that will help optimize the visitor's experience and more.

If you look at Sitecore's range of offerings, this is exactly what they are trying to do.