Sitecore Redefines Usability for Content Management

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sitecore 2008 cms 6.0 coming soon
Sitecore has announced that the latest version of their Web CMS “redefines web contentmanagement usability and control.” 75 organizations have been testing an early release version that is apparently turning heads. According to one Fortune 500 CIO tester it is “by far the most advanced CMS on the market now.” That’s a strong statement to make, but marketing is the name of the game when trying to sell one’s product.Sitecore provides a number of enhancements to this newest version – 6.0 – of their web content management system. There's not a lot of information available on it as it hasn't been released officially, but here's the little we have gleamed to date.

Page and Content Editing

Enhanced inline editing and page management features enable non technical folks to change the layout of their pages as well as the content. They can easily move around features like Polls, Tag Clouds and Personalization offers. This functionality removes reliance on the development team to build web pages and has very much a portal like flavor to it (for content editors at least).


Sitecore has patent-pending usability validation functionality built into this new version. It has been designed to support standards for accessibility (WCAG) and content compliance (ADA 508). The functionality is also said to enable "brand and content consistency" which will be very important when content authors and editors start taking advantage of the page management features mentioned above.

Enterprise Features

Sitecore is built on the Microsoft .net platform. This latest version now supports 64 bit processors and take advantage of all the new features in the .net 3.5 framework.

What About Sitecore’s Three Trends for Web CMS in 2008

Interestingly we aren't hearing much about the mobile computing capabilities of this new version. Mobile computing was one of three trends that Sitecore said would be popular in 2008 based on a survey of their customers. Not sure if this means they haven't included functionality for mobile computing in this new release, or if it's just not one of the key features they want to sell.

Want a Demo?

Testers are giving the new version of Sitecore rave reviews, but we will have to wait until sometime in early June to get the details of their findings. Mind you that should really only be days away. Until then we seem to stuck with the marketing speak of the PR to give us our information.As for final expected release dates for v6.0? Sitecore is saying shipments will begin June 30 and that upgrades are free for existing users under maintenance contract. If you can't wait until then, view a demonstration and come back and tell us how good it really looks.

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