Sitecore Tops List of EContent 100
Sitecore has been around for awhile now. And during that time they have established themselves as a quality option for web CMS and intranet portal software. Now they have made the news in a way that even further solidifies their place in the industry.

If you’re not familiar with Sitecore’s software, they offer a variety of options including a powerful .Net based Web CMS. With over 1500 customers worldwide, it’s easy to see that this content management system is something to consider when looking into the options available. On top of that they also offer an intranet portal option as well as “focused solution modules”.

EContent Names Their Annual EC100 Award Winners

Sitecore’s Web CMS has been blessed again with the announcement of their place in EContent’s EC100 Awards. The winners are to be honored at the EContent Buying and Selling EContent conference April 5th in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The award is given to those companies presented that exhibit the brightest and most innovative digital content solutions. Sitecore has certainly done this with its variety of solutions. According to the 14 industry judges, the winners all have options that “enable organizations to maximize the use of digital content to help them achieve success”.

This is not the first time Sitecore has been recognized in this manner, nor will it probably be the last. On top of their Web CMS being recognized, Sitecore’s intranet portal option was also recognized as an industry leader in portal software.

More Winners of the EContent 100 Award

Sitecore was far from being the only company recognized and awarded this year. With a long list of categories, the judges had a time narrowing everything down to 100 companies.

Other names included in the list are:

  • Adobe – for content creation, production, and digital publishing
  • Alfresco – for content management
  • Drupal – for content management and social media
  • Facebook – for social media
  • Twitter – for social media

Again, these are far from all of them. Congrats to all the winners. We look forward to seeing what is brought to the table in the future from all of these great companies.

To view the entire list of EContent Top 100 Winners click here.