Sitecore Web CMS Takes Another Step to Multilingual Content Management

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One of the .NET CMS darlings Sitecore (news, site) extended its relationship with partner, Clay Tablet Technologies, on the globalization front. The main purpose is to automate content translation processes and workflows.

Multilingual Content Management with the New Plugin

It may comeas a shocker, but not all of the web population can read English.Managing content effectively in a CMS is one side of the story. Beingable to manage multilingual and localized content effectively is anotherchallenge.

Clay Tablet has a translation connectivity softwarethat allows for Sitecore Web CMS to talk to various translationproviders and systems, allowing for content stored in the CMS to beglobalized via translation and localization workflows.

Regardlessof who is your translation provider of choice, using the CMS UI in theContent Editor or Page Editor, editors can automate translationprocesses of either individual content items or batch translations. Inaddition to that, there's a queue monitoring function to keep track ofan item's status.

Once content is translated, Clay Tablet’s plugin allows to return it back into the CMS for further review and publishing.

Learning Opportunities

Sitecore Connector V3.0

This development is, of course, comes out of the latest release of the Clay Tablet Sitecore Translation Connector v3.0.

Some of its features include:

  • Bulk export
  • Field filtering
  • Automated version creation
  • Email notifications

Theconnector requires a separate install using “Packager,” followed up byconfigurations to connect the CMS to a translation memory, or atranslation tech or provider.