SiteExecutive Web CMS Gets a Layout Editor, Developer Edition
SiteExecutive's (news, site) Enhancement Pack Six crams in new features for improved design and control of layout and content.


Packed With Power

Systems Alliance offers a new update for its Web CMS, bringing assistance for designers, calendaring, improved SEO features and scaling to bolster this already well-stacked CMS.

Systems Alliance develops a range of software for customers and implements Web solutions. Averaging out at about three packs a year, it has kept its current clients well fed with updates for SiteExecutive, both front and back end.

SiteExecutive is a modular, library-based CMS which site creators can use to build pages using almost any source technology including XML, Java, Coldfusion, RSS, CSS, .Net and SOAP.

Popular with the educational and medical sectors, it uses WYSIWYG editing, in-browser tabs and panels to make creating pages an engaging process.

Save Time Laying Out

The new Layout Editor helps arrange and style-up your content. Using reserve classes alongside CSS stylesheets to add more flexibility for designers, it helps speed up the design process and saves effort on large-scale projects.

Learning Opportunities

The other new big feature is the Event Calendar application, a booster for the existing Calendar Module. Developed in response to user requests, it helps out by managing the information behind user-created events and linking them to data elsewhere in your CMS.

It also provides some enhancements for boosting site accessibility and SEO performance by adding in assignments for table header tag at cell, row or column level and default language html code at the site, folder or page level.

Add to that the improved blogging function, and the package's existing modules and you can see why SiteExecutive is doing well. It also has an API, which is useful if a client needs to implement a feature that needs to be custom-coded.

SiteExecutive has plenty of available support and training, including free webinars as well as regular classes or courses.