The latest release of Telerik's (newssite)  web content management system Sitefinity is now supporting Windows Azure and touts a number of performance enhancements to boot.

Support for the Azure Cloud

If you are a Microsoft-based web content management system then you want to be able to work on any Microsoft platform. And the one Microsoft has built in the cloud -- Azure -- is no different. Sitecore does it, Open Text does it, Kentico does it. And we suspect there are many more to come.

Right now it's Telerik's turn. The latest release of Sitefinity 4.1 is compatible with Microsoft Azure. Now you don't have to keep this Web CMS on premise, you can deploy it in your own private or public cloud, giving you access to more markets and potential more revenue streams.

There are a number of organizations looking to leverage cloud platforms instead of maintaining internal, complex infrastructures, so this is a smart move for Telerik.

Taking Performance to New Levels

According to Telerik, it has improved the performance of Sitefinity 4.1 by 35%. What changes have been put in place to do this?

  • An intelligent auto-caching algorithm enables faster page loading and serving for websites
  • An upgraded virtual path provider

Supporting Multiple Languages & More

Also new in this release of Sitefinity is a set of language packs that supports backend web administration native language support starting with German, Spanish and Arabic (expect more to come in future releases).

And that's not all, here are some more enhancements:

  • Comprehensive lists module
  • Customizable User Profiles for storing and displaying user-specific information
  • Support for page redirects and multiple URLs
  • Shared content blocks permitting greater content reusability
  • Improved ORM mapping for greater extensibility

Sitefinity 4.1 is available now, but a little birdie told us that Telerik isn't done with their news. So stay tuned.