Sitefinity Web Content Management
Working to keep up with the blistering pace of the Web cms market, Telerik releases an update to their Sitefinity product, and lo, its brimming with usability improvements. This latest release, Sitefinity version 3.1, includes: * Enhanced search capabilities * A forums module * New and improved RSS services * User interface updates The new search engine is powered by Lucene and offers customizable searches of both external and internal sources (nifty!). Search results can then be aggregated and managed from the central admin area. The other news of note with 3.1 is a forums module which enables administrators to create forums, start threads and edit/delete messages. The new module also provides a standard set of administration functionality, all from the central admin area. Meanwhile, public users can set up and configure their own forums through a single, public control. End-users have yet more to celebrate. When creating a new project, users now have a host of templates and themes to choose from. As exciting as this is, come to think of it, surely themes and templates should have been included in 3.0. Better late than never, I guess. In any case, a new dedicated RSS feed service is included which allows users to syndicate Sitefinity blogs and news sources through a public RSS control. Also a useful tag generator has been bundled which can display tags either in list form or in tag clouds. Other updates include new controls in the page designer, such as login controls. These controls can be used for creating web pages that, for example, require a membership service. Added to this is the support for multiple membership providers within a single application. Sitefinity comes in two packages: # The Standard Edition, enterprise-level solution costs US$ 899 per domain which includes workflow, versioning and multilingual support. # The freeware Community Edition is designed for small websites and has some degree of community support. A trial version of the Standard or the full Community version of Sitefinity are both available for download at Telerik's Sitefinity product site.