Sitemasher Launches Partner program
Now that they have officially released their website development platform, Sitemasher has put together a Partner Program designed to help web development and marketing firms quickly build customer websites using it. CMSWire covered the news of the Sitemasher Web Development Platform -- an all inclusive platform offering a website builder, content management, analytics, SEO and managed hosting in one neat little package. Although not something groundbreaking, we did acknowledge it as a solution for small to mid-sized companies trying to get something off the ground. Sitemasher also appears to have recognized another potential market -- that of the basement website developer and non-technical kind. It has opened up a partnership program for web development and marketing firms who want to quickly build websites for their customers. “We strive to help design, development and marketing firms find ways to make money faster. Most are artists and designers at heart, not technologists. By removing the technology side and giving them powerful design tools, they can increase revenues, profitability and even reach out to new markets,” said Sitemasher Vice President of Marketing Nicole Denil.

Three Tiered Partner Program

Sitemasher offers a three tiered partner program:
Sitemasher Partner Tiers

Sitemasher Partner Program Tiers

The most interesting part of this program is that partners can use the platform to build, manage, stage and user acceptance test for free. Partners can create as many unpublished websites as they want. They pay nothing until the website is complete and the domain goes live. Sitemasher also provides a free Premium license for one year for a developer or marketing company's own website.

Sitemasher Developer Network

Sitemasher is also building a Developer Network -- coming sometime this year. It will include a Sitemasher Marketplace where developers can make their applications or widgets available for sale to the community.

A Tempting Option for Smaller Firms

As a new SaaS website platform provider, Sitemasher may be smart opening up a free development environment to their partner community. For smaller web development and marketing firms who can't necessarily afford expensive environments to develop their client websites on, this offer should be very tempting. In addition, because it's a SaaS solution, it's very easy to provide their clients a view into the development of their site without having to bring the client to them or take a copy of the site to the client. Sign-up to become a partner with Sitemasher and start playing with the platform or watch a webinar to learn all about using it.