Sitemasher Releases Web Dev Collaboration Platform
Sitemasher introduced its online Web site Development and Management platform aimed to simplify the process of developing Web sites. To differentiate the product from other systems on the market, Sitemasher brings “an intuitive Web site builder” along with integrated content management, analytics, search engine optimization and Web site hosting in one online tool. With this tool and workflows everyone involved with the design, launch and maintenance of a Web site has a way to collaborate throughout the project lifecycle.

Addressing Web Development Roles in Sitemasher

Sitemasher is built around the four primary roles in web design and development: * Business or site owner * Web designer * IT expert * Marketer or content person “Nearly 80 percent of the design and development process is repetitive. We’ve automated most of that process, leaving the design and IT teams free to innovate and add business value,” said Nicole Denil, Sitemasher’s vice president of marketing. Traditionally, players in these roles operate in their own spheres causing problems as a site moves from vision through development. Sitemasher creates a collaboration platform with an intuitive interface that makes the most cutting-edge Web site elements simple to implement and update. Web site designers and developers can increase profitability by implementing designs without having to worry about technical requirements on the back end. They can also deliver more value to customers by reducing implementation time and cost, as well as providing analytics and Web sites that are optimized for search engines.

What’s in Sitemasher for Me?

The new Sitemasher platform sports the following features and benefits: * Single Platform with multiple tools like site builder, integrated CMS, Web analytics and SEO * Scalable Hosted (SaaS) Environment: Managed hosting through its partner Peer1 * Friendly Interface: Pixel perfect builder for fully customized sites with the ease of use of a drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG tool * Reduced Back-End Coding: With automated elements such as forms * Collaboration: Stakeholders can access the site 24x7 in a collaborative way * User Roles and Workflows

Pricing and Availability

Sitemasher is available online at Introductory pricing starts at US$ 99 a month for a basic account that includes two users and a single published domain. A US$ 249 a month program includes up to five users as well as the ability to set different roles, and a US$ 699 a month program allows for unlimited users.


Sitemasher, while not a groundbreaking concept, sounds like an easy way for small- and mid-size businesses to kick off their Web development adventures and utilize some content management and SEO capabilities within the same platform. Most importantly, the collaboration utility should be helpful, as communication is always a critical component in any Web development project.