Zimplit CMS 1.1

Remember that (mainly) open source Micro CMS designed for normal people? Yes, the simply put Zimplit! Just in time for stocking staffing, Zimplit released version 1.1 with four improvements:
  1. Website Menu Reordering: Users can now drag and drop any page to where they want. This should be helpful when users want to change website navigational items, let’s say.
  2. Theme Picker: Yes, they’re still doing a themed approach to website design. The benefit: no more downloading and uploading of theme package from Zimplit’s site. Just log in to your website, pick any theme and it will be downloaded instantly. Less clicking is almost always a good idea.
  3. Gallery Thumbnails: This new functionality allows users to see some media files in a "click and zoom" fashion. On top of that, there’s also the yummy automatic resizing function. While we’re not quite sure about what Zimplit means by “It will make your website smaller and quicker,” digital asset management (in some shape or form) is always a welcome functionality in any Web CMS.
  4. Editor Location Changer: In “one step,” developers can now make their own editors with their own functionality and change editor skin or add their own.
While still no news on providing a hosted version of Zimplit CMS, as predicted, Zimplit is in the news again, albeit with a small announcement. In its nature, Zimplit CMS is not that far from blogging platforms, but still is positioning itself as a Web CMS. Oh well, there must be market for this solution – in Estonia, or elsewhere in Europe.
Then again, we already talked about how some blogging platforms are starting to encroach on the WCM space, so there’s no surprise here. As long as users are happy with the blogging platform/ Micro CMS/Web CMS system they chose.