Squiz Acquires Search Provider Funnelback
How many times have you been on a website and wanted to find something, only to find that it didn't have a search box, or worse yet, that its search was crap. Probably more than you'd like to admit.

Well Squiz (news, site) doesn't want those websites to be any of theirs. And they've made an acquisition that will go a long way towards supporting search on websites that use their MySource Matrix web content management system.

Acquiring Funnelback for Enterprise Search

Sydney-based open source vendor Squiz.net has just acquired Australian search vendor Funnelback for an as yet, undisclosed amount. It's not the price tag that interests us anyway, it's the functionality that Squiz can now offer their customers.

The main product from Funnelback is called Funnelback Enterprise and it offers the ability to search across just about website or system be it internet, intranet, database, portal, shared network drive or document management system.

According to a post on Beyond Search, Squiz intends to offer Funnelback as both a hosted and on premise solution.

Funnelback will continue as a separate company, including maintaining its brand. The real intent is to integrate Funnelback Enterprise even more tightly with Web CMS MySource Matrix. The two solutions are already integrated to some extent.

A new board will be created that includes Funnelback's Managing Director, Mr. Brett Matson, Funnelback's Executive Director, Mr. Stuart Beil as well as Squiz founders and Directors Mr. Stephen Barker and Mr. John-Paul Syriatowicz. In addition, Dr David Hawking will continue in his role as Chief Scientist at Funnelback.

This acquisition benefits both Squiz and Funnelback, enabling both to reach more enterprises that are in need of high-end search capability.

CMS + Search = Future of Web CMS

Squiz Managing Director and founder, John-Paul Syriatowicz says, "As organisations continue their inevitable move towards browser-centric information management, powerful, fully-integrated search will play an increasingly important role. I believe 2010 will herald a fundamental shift in the CMS and search marketplace as clients and vendors realise the two are inseparable. Trying to treat them as discrete solutions simply doesn’t work.”

Of course, Squiz isn't the only vendor that thinks this way. The coupling of Autonomy and Interwoven is a prime example of how you can bring search and web content management together to offer integrated solutions to the market.

There have been many discussions about the future of web content management. Not all agree that integrated search is a part of that future. We're curious to know what you think.