Systems Alliance new release Web CMS SiteExecutive
Systems integrator and software developer firm Systems Alliance Inc. launched the newest version of it's web content management software SiteExecutive. This version 4 release offers new capabilities for classifying and delivering content, compliance with industry standards, and expanded deployment options.SiteExecutive 4 is licensed either by the server or as a hosted service. This newest release offers a number of new capabilities in three key areas:

Attract and engage site visitors

* Classification Engine * Content Intelligence Module * Improved Support for Mobile Devices * Search engine friendly * 508 friendly The classification engine is incorporated with an "intuitive" taxonomy building interface. - Okay, when has building a taxonomy ever been intuitive? - More than one classification scheme can be created for a website. Authors can classify all types of content types including HTML, images and PDFs. Once the content is classified, the Content Intelligence Module is inserted into a page or template to provide personalized content on the site based on a visitor's interest. A new page attribute enables the WCM to support mobile devices, screen readers, projectors, Braille, print and TV.

Content Contribution and Site Development

* XHTML compliant editor * Tag insight * Built-in image manipulation * Binary versioning * Tableless design * Administrative broadcast Some interesting improvements here include a new XHTML compliant editor and a built-in image manipulation component which includes the ability to resize, crop, flip and rotate. The provision of binary image version control enables better records retention for images, pdfs and binary files. The Administrative broadcast capabilities seem a little late coming. Isn't it a standard option in CMS systems these days to send out broadcasts to authors/publishers and even site users via screen or email?

Performance Improvements

Database enhancements mean faster page loading and security enhancements provide the separation of authoring from rendering of content.

Platform Support Changes

Lots of new platforms/browsers supported including: * Windows XP and Vista running IE 6 and 7 * Mac OS-X computers running Firefox 2.x browsers * Apache on Windows and on Solaris and Red Hat Linux All in all, the improvements are for the better, if not coming a little late in some cases. Where's all the Web 2.0 social networking capabilities? Aren't these standard for any CMS today? Drop over to their site to get info on this latest release of SiteExecutive.