Telerik Sitefinity
In a not so shocking recent announcement Telerik has unveiled their first out of the box product, the Sitefinity Web Content Management System (CMS). Like all Web CMS products, Sitefinity is geared towards enabling business users and content authors via non-technical, user-friendly publishing interfaces. The difference, as one would expect from an ASP.NET component vendor, is that Telerik strikes a unique balance with developer friendliness.What Telerik does well and what will make Sitefinity stand out in the CMS crowd are three things: (1) build practical, effective products, (2) deliver exceptional user interfaces, (3) hit aggressive price points. Following is a list of the "out of the box" features. For Authors:
  • Completely WYSIWYG In-Context Site Management Environment
  • Can Accommodate Any Web-Site Design
  • Easily Switch Between the Staged and Live Copy of the Site
  • Expedient Linear Workflow
  • Centralized Task Management Through a Task Intray
For developers:
  • Open Modular Architecture
  • Easy Integration and Reuse of Standard ASP.NET Controls
  • Side-by-Side Development in Visual Studio .Net
  • Ability to Parameterize User Controls from the Browser
  • Features the Award-Wining Telerik r.a.d.controls
  • Fully Exposed API for Complete Control and Extensibility
Features for IT managers:
  • Little or No Learning Needed
  • Quick and Easy Implementation
  • Free Trial Available for No-Risk Evaluation
  • Cost-Effective Web CMS Solution
  • Future-Proof Solution
  • Out-of-the-Box Solution for a Short Time-to-Web
Pricing Sitefinity is offered in a tiered pricing model with the Standard version starting at USD 995. The Standard version supports 10 users, 1 URL, and relies upon an Access database. Stepping up to the Professional edition with SQL Server support will run you about USD 2,000. And to get an unlimited user and unlimited URL version, you'll top out at about USD 6,000. Stay tuned as we dig further under the covers of Sitefinity. For those chomping at the bit, you can get a free trial license and download at the official product site: