Telerik (news, site) launched a new site to highlight the power, flexibility and compatibility of its ASP/.NET-based content management system.

The best advertising for any product is to see it in use, which is why Telerik's showcase site looks pretty slick and features a gallery of about 375 real-world examples of Sitefinity CMS in use.

This Web CMS offers Silverlight tools and controls, and .NET reporting and management, which gives it wide appeal.

Perhaps, Telerik chose now to show off as it is starting to face a lot of competition with the open source, .NET-based Umbraco CMS proving itself in the market and Kentico with its new release due any day now.

Packed with a Flash tour, demonstration admin interface and a long list of awards, there is plenty of self-congratulation but also a decent guide to the systems behind the site.

There are also separate pages for business users and IT developers highlighting how those groups could benefit from deploying Sitefinitiy.