Telerik (news, site) releases its latest update to its developer productivity tools portfolio concentrating its focus on the latest technologies, including support for Windows Phone 7.

 A Constantly Evolving Developer Landscape

The software development ecosystem is at somewhat of a crossroads – as new platforms and technologies continue to emerge at a rapid pace, developers are increasingly challenged when trying to determine which path will lead them to the greatest success,” said Svetozar Georgiev, CEO, Telerik. “Telerik’s role in this shifting paradigm is to help users effectively embrace what is a hard-to-predict technology future. By actively investing in and delivering adaptable, robust, and best-in-class solutions, we ensure developers will be well prepared for any eventual future, no matter which way they choose to go.”

We have way too many tools and technologies to play with. Keeping up is nothing short of hard to do, but you don't really have a choice. Telerik supports developers who need to work with a variety of technologies as this latest update to its developer portfolio demonstrates.

What's New in Telerik Tools

My favorite new thing is the Metro theme found in its RadControls for Silverlight, WPF and WinForms suite. This theme is an interpretation of Microsoft's new design standard for Windows Phone 7 and other platforms.

There have also been a number of updates and new across Telerik's RadControls, including:

  • HTML5-driven charting in Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
  • RadListView, a databound control supporting different views, and RadPropertyGrid, offering sophisticated theming and customizations in RadControls for WinForms
  • RadChart, DataBoundListBox, and Calendar controls in RadControls for Windows Phone 7
  • Image Editor and Web Notification controls, a myriad of new RibbonBar features, and four new skins in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
  • Multiple new controls and the addition of RadTreeMap to the rich data visualizations in RadControls for Silverlight and WPF

In addition, there have been a number of enhancements to the Telerik data access framework OpenAccess ORM, including a new profiler tool.

Telerik has also released a new commercial .NET performance and memory-profiling tool, JustTrace. First announced in May, JustTrace includes memory, sampling and tracing profilers in one tool for optimizing the performance of multiple application types.

There's a lot more here to learn and, if you are a developer, to make developing more fun, hopefully easier.