Telerik (news, site) has released an update to its automated testing studio that should improve the speed and ease of which you test your web and desktop apps.

Testing is Important

Probably didn't need to tell you that, but it's true. We talk about testing a lot these days, but it's primarily from the perspective of Web Engagement and marketing tools. It is also important to test from the developer/application perspective and this is where Telerik's Test Studio (formerly called WebUI Test Studio) comes into play.

New Functionality/Features

There were three primary goals with the latest release of Telerik Test Studio

  • Improve productivity and ease of use
  • Support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Create tests in Telerik's project management tool, TeamPulse, and generate them in Test Studio

This latest version also includes support for Telerik's RADControls for WPF. And there have been enhancements to the Silverlight testing, as well as the Test Explorer and Scheduling.

Updated Reporting

Reporting has also been improved in this new version of Test Studio, including:

  • You can explore test list results over time
  • Export reports easier into a number of file formats
  • Comment within reports
  • View interactive graphs and charts including drill-down

New Licensing Model

An updated license model enables you to group a number of Telerik products under a single SKU (i.e. Test Studio, Visual Studio Plug-in, TeamPulse). Telerik has also introduced a new price for Test Studio -- US$ 2,499.

The Test Studio does not require that you be an expert in coding, in fact it is a code-less environment. You can set up automated tests for any application that uses technology like WPF, AJAX, Silverlight, Javascript. MVC, data-driven test and more.

The following video gives you a quick overview of test studio: