Telerik Sitefinity 5.0 Web CMS Includes Mobile Web Features
The latest release of Telerik's Sitefinity Web CMS includes mobile features that adapt web content for the variety of available screen sizes.

Size Matters

Sitefinity 5.0 mobile features modify web content to display correctly on desktops, tablets and smartphones. "Out-of-the-box, Sitefinity 5.0 integrates a responsive design approach that empowers a marketing end-user to define rule-based web pages that dynamically adapt to different size screens," the announcement says.


How do the mobile web features work? Cascading style sheets for CSS3 media queries resizes and selectively displays content from the same source page for desktop, tablet or smartphone screens. "Content authors can preview the page layout on numerous smartphone and tablet devices through the built-in device emulators to ensure page elements are displayed properly, and layout and design are preserved," the Sitefinity 5.0 site explains.

Other Updates

The latest Sitefinity release also includes a Forums module, Windows Authentication support, Single Sign On and Module Builder enhancements. With the Forums module, users can organize forums and threads and also manage memberships and moderators.


Learning Opportunities

The Sitefinity Thunder plugin for Visual Studio lets developers create and maintain themes, widgets, dynamic modules, and more. The company explains:

Sitefinity Thunder can connect to any Sitefinity instance even on a remote server and facilitate the management (creating/editing/deleting/deploying) of Sitefinity assets on the fly. Sitefinity Thunder installs new assets through templates; all files and folders needed for a Sitefinity theme can be installed with a click."

New widgets for Sitefinity include a breadcrumb widget, page social sharing, social networks sharing support for the video widget and a user registration widget.

In the past year, Telerik has added a bunch of functionality to Sitefinity, including the ability to use Azure cloud storage, new social and e-commerce capabilities and an SDK.

Would you like to try before you buy? Sitefinity offers a downloadable trial, online sandbox and a personal demo option. Weekly webinars are also available on the Sitefinity site.