Telligent's Graffiti Web CMS Has Gone Open Source and Moved to CodePlex
For those of you who have followed the whole "is it dead or not" discussion on Telligent's Graffiti Web CMS, well there seems to be a final answer.

A very short announcement on the Telligent blog says that Graffiti has made the move to CodePlex as an open source solution.

Graffiti has a strong developer following, and we encourage those involved with Graffiti to continue to provide peer-to-peer support for one another. Users and developers can continue collaborating together to enhance the product. We look forward to seeing the innovation the open source community will bring to Graffiti.  We are especially thankful for some of the community members that stepped up and offered to help shepherd the project.

Hmmm, well this is all interesting. How many times did we ask Telligent what its plans were for Graffiti, only to be told that although there's nothing formal defined, Graffiti was still very much alive and well.

Now it's not that we expected Telligent to reveal all its plans before they were officially made, but many did see the writing on the wall -- if you go by the comments on our review of Graffiti.

Now licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL), Graffiti v1.2 is available on CodePlex with some "extra" assemblies still on the Telligent website -- a website that needs to be cleaned up as it still talks about different license versions.

It is also interesting to note that Telligent's own website doesn't use Graffiti Web CMS, but instead uses CS Publisher, now called Scribus CMS.

Anyway, time to put this baby to bed. Happy downloading!