TerminalFour Picks Up Design Partner
Best known for web content management systems designed for the educational sector, UK-based TerminalFour (news, site) now wants to get a bigger piece of the commercial market.

They are doing this by partnering with Different Digital, a creative agency also based in the UK. Different Digital is considered a rising star in the digital media and marketing space, so this partnership makes a lot of sense.

The new partnership gives Different Digital access to strong technology and experience in web content management. Together, the two should be able to provide strong solutions for commercial websites that need content managed, marketing solutions.

It's good to know that TerminalFour understands their strengths and see partnering as a way to add additional capabilities and grow market share. Some Web CMS providers try to do it all and many fail.

Web Design is different from web content management. But the two together are what makes a website a true experience. The partnership is already working with several joint initiatives under way.

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