TerminalFour Releases new version of web cms and creates a community
TERMINALFOUR just finished up their t44u Global User Conference last week and it sounds like it was a good one. They not only demonstrated the latest version of their Web CMS -- Site Manager 6.2, they also announced the creation of a Partner and User Extranet powered by that new version.

Site Manager 6.2 Web CMS

The latest version of the TERMINALFOUR web cms has over 79 feature enhancements all a result of customer requirements and feedback. Now that's called listening to your user base. Some of the feature updates in this version include: * Improved find and replace editing functionality * Improved search within the CMS * Advanced LDAP features * Better link management and impact analysis They say this version is all about the user experience, helping user navigate through websites intuitively and faster.

New Partner and User Community Extranet

To demonstrate how good Site Manager 6.2 is, TERMINALFOUR built their new partner and customer community using it. The TERMINALFOUR Extranet was built to support both partners and customers in their activities with the Site Manager solution. The community extranet includes features to capture and document user feedback. TERMINALFOUR has customers and partners across the world. So it made sense to create a community where they could easily share information, interact and collaborate with the company and each other. They say this extranet will be "instrumental" in driving the evolution of Site Manager. Want to learn more about the TERMINALFOUR Web CMS solution? They will be at the Information Management Solutions 2008 in London, December 2-4, 2008.