TerminalFour Partners to Provide Enterprise Search
Relatively quiet with the news lately, TerminalFour has just made a big announcement related to their Web Content Management System. A new partnership with Exalead, provider of Enterprise Search solutions, will see TerminalFour's Web CMS include the enterprise search capabilities of Exalead's Cloudview solution. The gist of the news is that TerminalFour will resell Exalead's CloudView product line alongside its Site Manager web content management solution.

TerminalFour - Web CMS

We've talked about TerminalFour before. Their headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland and they provide enterprise web content management solutions to a number medium and large sized corporations. They are the number one supplier to third level education institutions in the UK. In July, they announced a new COO -- David Miller -- to help grow their global sales and expansion strategy. This new partnership is likely a part of this strategy.

Exalead - Enterprise Search

Founded in 2000, Exalead is a provider of enterprise and web search solutions. They just recently introduced a new product line with a number of new products. Cloudview is the new product suite from Exalead that includes Cloudview OEM and Cloudview Search. Some of the features of the latest suite includes: * A fully distributed architecture * Business level tuning and management * Full traceability * WYSIWYG configuration of indexing and search workflows * Provision for additional 3rd party connectors

A Beneficial Partnership

According to both companies, this partnership will help both expand their offerings into new markets in Europe, the US and the middle east. Piero Tintori, CEO and founder of TERMINALFOUR, said, "Exalead proved to be a perfect addition to the TERMINALFOUR community. [ ] With search being crucial to so many companies today, Exalead's best of breed search capabilities will play a vital role in securing new customers for TERMINALFOUR..." We couldn't find any details about how the two product lines would be integrated or work side by side, but the partnership announcement does sound like a good idea for both parties. Find more information about both solutions on their websites: TerminalFour and Exalead.