Tiki CMS groupware version 8.1 rolls out, which means end of life for Tiki 7.x.

Tiki 7 was just released in June, with more than 200 fixes and code releases in the open source CMS. Now Tiki 8.1 is available for download and Tiki 7 is no longer supported.

What's New in Tiki?

The newest Tiki includes more than 3,200 code updates by 43 Tiki community members. Filtering improvements, which are intended to help ease the learning curve, allow admins to to see most commonly used preferences or more advanced options, and the new Connect feature puts users in contact with the Tiki community.

Several enhancements have been made to the Comments feature, including the availability of Akismet spam protection. In addition to comments, the daily reports feature now also includes calendar and tracker items. The ability to add images through a URL has also been added.

Learning Opportunities

WebODF is now included as a feature, Tiki Docs. "Like Tiki Draw, the WebODF integration will by default save a new revision at each save," the release documentation explains. "Thus, if something goes wrong, the previous file version is available." Other improvements include fixes to the handling of non-English characters in wiki pages, a German translation and support for Google Street View.

Several new and improved plugins are in Tiki 8, including PluginCustomSearch, which creates custom unified search user interfaces to search for objects in Tiki and uses PluginList functionality to show search results. PluginDraw permits users to embed a drawing in a wiki page, and PluginSlider, which can handle wiki syntax and display text, images, video, and flash, is also new.

Tiki 6 LTS

Although Tiki 8 means the end of life for Tiki 7, Tiki 6.0, which was released in November 2010, replaced Tiki 3 as the Long Term Support (LTS) version. The next LTS version, Tiki 9, is scheduled for release in April 2012.