Tiki Web CMS, SiteBuilder Hits Version 7

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Tiki Web CMS, SiteBuilder Hits Version 7
Popular CMS Tiki (news, site) keeps growing with new features and facilities for those in need of a free site creation system.

Tiki Takes a Step Forward

The latest major release of the open source CMS, Tiki 7, is now available including new features and over 200 fixes and code improvements. Top of the list for developers is a new syntax highlighter to help spot code inconsistences and new drag-and-drop modules to make creating a site layout easier.

There is also support for a new range of plug-ins including Blip.tv, Vimeo, TokenAccess and others to boost your site's feature set, plus a theme generator to help design sites, with a new color picker to choose paint and override CSS settings.

Tiki 7 gets a boost to its search powers with Zend Lucene search and integration with OpenStreetMap and Zotero for mapping and office integration into your sites.  There is also a tweaked slideshow function for improved presentation of images.

Learning Opportunities

A Tiki Future

Hinting at a future largely on mobile or tablet devices,  Tiki 7 is making moves toward HTM L5 and jQuery Mobile to improve the experience on smartphones and the like. The latest version is available and, while some of the new feature links in the docs don't work, the online documentation has descriptions of all the fixes and features. 

Tiki fans, or those interested in starting with the CMS, can go to one of many events around the world (check the latest calendar), while the friendly community is always ready to help out on the forums.