Vivvo Enters SaaS Web CMS Marketg
Vivvo (news, site), the simple PHP-based Web content management system that we noted lacks basic capabilities but is still suitable for small publishers, is extending its arms.

In what’s undoubtedly an attempt to nab some extra fans (and do away with the burden of downloading), the company is now offering hosted trial versions of their solution, free for the asking. The next step, according to the founder, is to provide a full SaaS CMS offering.

Fall in Love for Free (in 21 Days or Less)

Based on the LAMP stack of technologies and built by Serbian software house, Spoonlabs, Vivvo is specifically designed enable the non tech savvy to deliver and manage interactive publishing websites.

In other words, no code writing necessary.

As a commercially available web content management system built on an open source stack, the Vivvo content management system is targeted at the small publisher who wants an interactive publishing website.

In order to provide those small publishers with a hands-on experience of a reportedly simple and easy to use system, Vivvo now invites potential customers to try their solution without the burden of downloading. Talk about simple. For 21 days you can safely edit and publish content, try different templates and languages, explore the variety of plug-ins and maybe, just maybe, fall in love for free.

Open Source?

Though Vivvo is based on open source technology and the framework is reportedly due to be released as BSD open source later this year, it still seems that the core product will continue to be protected under commercial copyright.

But that doesn’t equal no fun, of course. Thanks to the Vivvo’s modular interfaces, clients can still extend the product through the development of new plugins and extensions.

Part Open Source, Part Social

In addition to the convenience of trial without download, Vivvo is also trying its hand at the social game. Their new Facebook Connect plugin reportedly enhances the social networking capabilities of the solution by offering visitors and members “most of the features provided by Facebook Connect API” including finding friends, commenting using Facebook ID and avatar, publishing comments and stories to the Facebook wall, inviting friends to become fans, etc.

Take a Test Drive

Care to take a hassle-free ride around the block? Try Vivvo out here and don’t forget to come back and tell us what you think.