‘Tis the season for milk and cookies, winter coats, and Web CMS release candidates. We writers won’t be back until after the start of 2010 when both WordPress and Movable Type are scheduled to have their official new versions out, so we thought we’d do a quick review of their most recent updates.

Movable Type

We’ll start with Movable Type (news, site) because we’d hoped to see the official launch of version 5 before the end of this year. Unfortunately, life happened and things got postponed to January. To make up for it the team kicked out one more Release Candidate than planned.

Movable Type 5 RC 3 was made available at the end of November, but was taken down shortly after because of MT5’s official Japan release. Meaning? Hold tight. Six Apart is now aiming for January 5th.

As always, if you've got bugs to report, Movable Type invites you to do so here. Additionally, Six Apart held an MT conference call earlier this month in order to provide answers to your pressing questions. If you missed it, you can review the call here


WordPress (news, site) made their first Release Candidate for WordPress 2.9 available just this week. 

WordPress 2.9 will feature basic image editing capabilities (crop, rotate, and scale) as well as the option to retrieve deleted posts, the ability to post image thumbnails, and lots of other media related frills. Review the big list of new stuff here, and if you're a developer, make sure you throw in your two cents. 

The team hopes to have the official 2.9 version out at some point this week, so if you're on winter break and need something to do, download the RC and help a platform out.