While the majority of the country’s companies are struggling to keep their doors cracked open or regretfully shutting them all together, a handful of Web Content Management vendors are riding a wave of significant growth.

Among the lucky few is Ingeniux, a WCM vendor that recently reported its biggest first quarter in the company’s history, representing a 65 percent growth in revenues compared to Q1, 2008.

The question, of course, is why? What is WCM doing right? Jim Edmunds, CEO of Ingeniux puts it like this: “Companies and organizations are investing in the Web to gain efficiencies and cost savings."

We’re inclined to agree, and so are others, including Global Industry Analysts, Inc and the Aberdeen Group. Aberdeen’s recent survey found that 42 percent of all respondents said they would be increasing their budget for WCM in 2009 while a whopping 70 percent said that optimizing online content is a top business priority.

All together now, let’s wipe the sweat off our brows because it looks like we’re in good shape—and not just for the time being. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. reported that the global content management software market is expected to reach a staggering US$ 10.45 billion dollars by 2015.

“We learned an important lesson in the last recession,” continues Edmunds. “Stay close to your customers and focus on building what they need, not what we think they need."

The practical and efficient are thriving in today’s economy simply because when there’s no money, there’s no room for razzle dazzle. Perhaps by being forced to go with what makes most sense rather than what’s most appealing, niches like WCM will discover the solutions they never knew they always needed. Hopefully the rest of the country will catch on, too.