crownpeak offers landing page manager With a greater drive to taking advantage of the Internet to attract new customers, marketers need web content management solutions that help them build and manage their online initiatives faster. CrownPeak is offering a solution that may help. Called the Landing Page Manager, this solution helps create, test and manage Landing Pages quickly all within a SaaS environment.

The Drive to Online Marketing

We are seeing the push to move much of our marketing initiatives online because it's supposed to be less expensive and reach a much broader target audience. This is done, of course, through developing our websites to be much more than simple brochureware sites and creating communities.

One of the most popular eMarketing tactics is the landing page. Whether it's a microsite off the main website, the first webpage for a community or something completely different, a landing page needs to be designed correctly and managed constantly. If not done right, you stand waste a lot of time and miss out on potential customers.

Features of the Landing Page Manager

The CrownPeak Landing Page Manager has many of the features required by a marketer to develop landing pages, including the following:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Customizable campaign templates
  • Easy publishing using either a stock URL, a custom domain or an internal server (likely for testing)
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Integration with Internal CRM applications

To go along with the functionality, you will also have access to CrownPeak's expertise in delivering these types of campaigns and websites.

To get more details on the Landing Page Manager, CrownPeak has a number of videos demonstrating how it works. Or get access to a free 30 day trial.

The Changing Role of Web Content Management

We know that web content management is a top priority for organizations today as they need to deliver truly engaging web experiences to attract and maintain customers.

Is web content management becoming an interactive marketer's primary source for eMarketing initiatives? Crown Peak seems to think so saying that every web site manager is an online marketer. Now that's a little bit of a scary thought, because not all website managers are marketers and vice versa.

It was just yesterday that we asked if eBusiness Suites were the future of Web Content Management. This new service offering from Crown Peak is another example of how the role of web content management is changing to meet the growing needs of organizations who need to save money and make money at the same time.