It's more than a Web Content Management System. The Affino eBusiness Suite is designed to help you manage every aspect on your online business. It's about publishing, promoting, selling, socializing and it has just been updated to version 5.5. What's new? Let's take a look.

What is the Affino eBusiness Suite?

The Affino eBusiness Suite is an out-of-the-box solution for managing an online web presence that including everything from site creation, management, emarketing, ecommerce, analytics and all the good stuff that is required to keep your website humming.

Basically it's an all encompassing software solution to help you create a website that is designed to make you money. Although it appears to be particularly suited to retail websites, it will also support publishers, advertising agencies (online campaigns) and more.

What's New in Affino v5.5?

"The key developments in this release have been focused on speed of action and ease of access; when combined with real-time metrics from the numerous eBusiness dashboards, you get the ability to know exactly what’s happening with your online business and the tools to respond promptly in a rapidly changing environment." said Markus Karlsson, CEO of Emojo.

This release is their biggest to date. So what's new:

  • A New Publishing Engine: All content and media is optimized for search engine indexing (readable URLs, simple names, appropriate metadata and an optimized presentation)
  • An Improved Dashboard: Focus the analytics on a particular campaign, store or community, view individual page analytics with a page dashboard
  • An Application Bar: Live, instant access to any page element to make changes immediately
  • An Updated Control Center: See a reduction in the number of steps required to publish content
  • Updated Communications Center: Get more analytic information on members in a community, new security parameters and an extended social networking platform


Affino Content Dashboard

Additional improvements and new features included a new copy content feature, improved navigation and enhanced blog capabilities.


Affino Application Bar

Architecture improvements include better load balancing and "zoned communities". Zoned communities mean that you can run completely separate communities, website and micro-sites off a single instance of Affino.

You can get a better look at all the new features and enhancements here.

The Future of Web Content Management?

Emojo founder and CEO Markus Karlsson believes that solutions like the Affino eBusiness Suite are the future of web content management. It's true that many web content management vendors are adding much more out of the box capabilities to their solutions other than pure content management. The addition of community solutions is probably one of the biggest changes to Web CMSs today.

It makes sense that vendors want to offer a complete solution, especially if it reduces the costs to the enterprise. But you do have to wonder if it is the best approach to take. Going with separate solutions for ecommerce, communities and analytics ensure you are getting "best of breed" solutions for your needs. It also exposes you to specialists in each area that are paid to focus on what they do well. Separate solutions also means however, more headaches as you try to integrate the solutions and likely more money.

There are a ton of screencasts on the Emojo blog that you can watch to learn more about Affine eBusiness 5.5.