CMS Watch, an industry portal for independent analysis and evaluations of Web Content Management Systems announced the release of Version 6 of "The CMS Report," with updated analysis and product surveys. The report is available for purchase online from CMS Watch. "Despite some recent vendor consolidation at the enterprise level, the web content management software industry still supports a plethora of healthy, growing players, in North America, Europe, as well as Asia-Pac," reports Tony Byrne, the report's author and CMS Watch founder. Byrne adds, "The good news is that buyers have more solid choices than ever; the bad news is that distinguishing among the different offerings remains as challenging as ever -- still, there are major differences among CMS vendors when you dig deeply." The CMS Report provides a comprehensive overview of Web Content Management products and best practices. The new version released today includes updated, 4- to 7-page comparative evaluations of 25 Web CMS offerings as well as short descriptions of more than 15 other products across 7 vendor categories. The Report is designed to help the reader make informed CMS buying decisions. "Over the past 3 years, The CMS Report has become a 'must-have' for Web Content Management software buyers," said Bud Porter-Roth, author of _The RFP Handbook_ (Addison Wesley, 2002). Version 6 of The CMS Report comes in an optional, expanded "Enterprise Edition," which addresses special issues of enterprise-level implementations, including multisite management, content integration, enterprise-class deployment, enterprise governance models, and new "ECM" product suites. The Enterprise Edition examines five key vendor offerings -- from Interwoven, Vignette, FileNet, Stellent, and Documentum - in addition to those of 20 additional Web CMS vendors reviewed in the Standard Edition. Originally published in mid-2001 and updated semi-annually since then, the CMS Report offers an analytically and visually rich, 235-page primer (285 pages in the Enterprise Edition), with more than 100 product screens, 60 descriptive charts, 12 custom diagrams and illustrations, and a 28-term glossary. The report may be purchased directly from the CMS Watch secure storefront, at About CMS Watch CMS Watch provides independent analysis and advice on Content Management software solutions and practices. As a "buy-side" analyst firm, CMS Watch provides vendor-neutral CMS strategy advice, training, and product selection support for major corporations and government enterprises.