Webcast: Uniting Web Properties Means Uniting Your Team

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How does one organization manage the business development, content-building and IT challenges associated with managing multiple Web properties without falling flat on its face in a pool of lawsuits and unnecessary expenses?There isn't really an easy answer, but it helps to get guidance from eagle-eye analysts and organizations who've been there and succeeded. The Gilbane Group and Oracle join forces to bring forth Multiple Web Sites: Driving You Crazy, or Driving Your Business?, a webcast for addressing business challenges in deploying and managing multiple websites.A successful enterprise Web initiative requires multiple skilled hands, including those of IT pros, business managers and content builders. Unfortunately, these three departments can often feel like separate worlds. The Gilbane Group and Oracle Webcast will explain how to bridge the understanding gaps between them while leveraging technology that enables each to perform at its best. This will result in Web sites that engender, rather than hinder, new profits.In addition, featured panelists will be present to share experiential knowledge with the audience. These include senior editor Bill Trippe of Gilbane Group and principle product director Michele Huff of Oracle Content Management. Mary Laplante of Gilbane will be moderating.The Webcast will cover the following elements:* How to overcome dormant site projects with a Web CMS platform that doles adequate tools out to IT, content and business managers.* How to reduce inefficiencies, inconsistent information and unnecessary expense associated with fragmented multi site management.* Integrating a Web site manager who understands both IT and business needs and is empowered to balance them.The webcast takes place Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 9 a.m. Pacific. Register now to land a free copy of a Gilbane Group white paper, The Multi Web Site Challenge in Enterprise Content Management, Balancing Central Control and Distributed Content Creation.To get a stronger sense of the goings-on with Oracle, catch the webcast on Oracle's acquisition of Stellent and the release on the dramatic (or not) things they plan to do with it.

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