Webiva is yet another content management system that aims to give the likes of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal some competition. The difference? In addition to being an open source, Ruby on Rails system, Webiva comes packed with a SaaS hosting platform that cuts out a ton of management hassle. 

It's Not Just About Management

Webiva mainly boasts their building culture. Designed with Web developers in mind, Webiva provides a vehicle for piecing together custom websites based on a Ruby on Rails framework. According to the company, key benefits include: 

  • It's easy - Webiva's user-friendly interface is supposedly similar to a blog engine with "all the features of a powerful open-source CMS."
  • Non-CMS Aesthetic Appeal - Webiva is transparent from a site’s front end, giving designers full control and easy access to site HTML and CSS with built in editors.
  • Quick Click Site Creation - This means building and deploying sites from a singe install, a.k.a. no FTP. 
  • Open-source - Built-on and extensible with Ruby on Rails, web professionals can use core modules (including e-commerce, social networking, forums, etc.) or write their own.

Further, some handy features such as a WYSIWYG page editor, a built-in file manager, and custom content models are along for the ride: 

Webiva WYSIWYG editor

"Until recently there were two CMS options: a blog engine that’s user-friendly but limited, or a full-stack CMS that’s powerful, but complex to manage,” said Webiva co-founder, Pascal Rettig. “Webiva offers the best of both, a Rails-based system with the accessibility of a blog engine and all the features of a big CMS on the back-end."

Check out this video Rettig put together to show how simple it is to set up a site inside the system:



A Peek Into the Future

“The only parts that aren't open source are pieces specifically for registering users on Webiva.com and showing them their account in formation. Specifically the signup / trial system on Webiva.com and the recurring billing support via Chargify," clarified Rettig. "The latter will actually be open-sourced soon once we make it a little more user friendly."

Speaking of the future, it sounds like the team behind the platform has a lot in the pipeline. Better Web Services integration generating and consuming RESTfull API's, extensions to the Custom Content system for improved Calendar and Map integration, integrated Image Editors, and a handful of modules are just a few.

Webiva has packages designed for both individuals and businesses (neither of which are too pricey) and you can check them out here. Or, if you're a, intrigued developer itching to get your hands dirty, you can do so here