WebMatrix Beta 2 Integrates with Open Source Package Manager for .NET

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WebMatrix Beta 2 Includes Integration with New Open Source Package Manager for .NET
Lots of new and improved things coming out of Microsoft lately including the second beta of WebMatrix, the 3rd beta of ASP.NET MVC 3 and a brand spanking new open source package manager for .NET.

Starting with the New - NuPack

NuPack is a new open source package manager that should make your life easier when you want to install .NET libraries in your projects. According to Scott Gu, it supports all .NET project types, including Web Forms and MVC.

Developers can package up their open source project libraries and register them with a searchable online catalog. NuPack contains client side tools that integrate with Visual Studio. Using it, you can search for 3rd party libraries to download and install into your development project.

Some of the features NuPack includes:

  • Manage Dependencies
  • Update or remove libraries
  • Update Web Config Files
  • Allow packages to install Powershell scripts to a project 

NuPack is part of the Outercurve Foundation (CodePlex Foundation) ASP.NET Open Source Gallery and is available as a developer preview on CodePlex today.

WebMatrix Beta 2

The second beta of WebMatrix, Microsoft's latest solution for helping you get up and running with a website quickly, has also been released. WebMatrix is a combination of IIS Express, ASP.NET and SQL Express and enables you to quickly install one of several open source web content management systems.

Beta 2 brings a few new things including:

Learning Opportunities

  • Enhancements to web pages: Along with developing pages using Razor, you can also build pages in VB or C#.
  • Improved Templates: Template projects now use HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Toolkit Integration: A New toolkit that contains a number of helpers for things like analytics, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, WebMatrix (download Beta 2 here) also integrates with NuPack, offering a web-based admin interface.

Beta 3 of ASP.NET MVC

Along with NuPack and the second beta of WebMatrix, Microsoft also released the third beta of ASP.NET MVC 3. Beta 3 includes razor enhancements, NuPack integration, new view helpers and more. You can check out more details at Phil Haack's blog.

The teams at Microsoft have been working hard to bring new tools and capabilities that enable developers to build websites and applications easily and in some cases, quickly. It's very nice to see the continued support for open source.