WebTrends Provides Integrated Analytics to SDL Tridion CMS

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WebTrends and SDL Tridion team
WebTrends Inc., a top provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, has teamed up with Web CMS provider SDL Tridion in order to make online analytics and WCM integration easier and more effective than ever. Their solution is called WebTrends Enabler, and it allows marketers to easily synchronize with their online analytics and Web CMS with a little bit of tagging code.

The Importance of Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a crucial part of any web site. It helps businesses understand whatcustomers are doing on their site, what they are looking for, and what they like the most. Although some vendors may downplay the tech side of the solution in favor of championing the business side of the card, integrated WCM and analytics has significant value. WebTrends Inc., makes it easier for marketers to consistently improve the experience for their site visitors through tagging code that streamlines the integration of their marketing technologies. This new partnership should help their shared clients understand their customer’s online behavior faster and better, allowing them to make well-informed decisions when applying marketing messages. After all, updating a site without web analytics is kind of like shooting into the dark -- you don't have numbers to reference and guide you in the right direction.

The WebTrends and SDL Tridion Partnership

The WebTrends and SDL Tridion collaboration grew out of SDL Tridion's participation in WebTrends Open Exchange, which is their solutions network that attempts to unite WebTrends Marketing Lab with top of the line ad serving, content management, site search, and other IT solutions. It was this fateful meeting that beget the WebTrends Enabler that is available today.

WebTrends Enabler - How It Works

Did we mention that WebTrends Enabler is easy to use? All a marketer needs to do is drag and drop the tracking code onto their site using modular templates. The code lets WebTrends Marketing Lab suite monitor the sites and feed customer results and other insights into SDL Tridion solutions. The marketer is given measurement, multidimensional a analytics, online search optimization and other critical online marketing resources. “The tag management capability of the WebTrends Enabler reduces time and costs when integrating and maintaining tags, and reduces the time to market for understanding customer behavior on web sites,” said SDL Tridion President Erik Aeyelts Averink.

Analytics Partnerships Abound

SDL Tridion is no stranger to the web analytics game. It formed a partnership with European Web Analytics provider Nedstat in March.This latest partnership underlines their clear commitment to making sure that their customers are informed on how well their site is performing and that they are able to effectively improve it. WebTrends has also done its share of integrating in the past, accomplishing similar Web CMS integration with Percussion's Rhythmyx Web CMS platform.