Here's an article about--surprise, surprise!--the iPad. 

The WordPress (news, site) for the iPad application was initially designed for the iPhone, but can now also run on Apple's newest device. It contains no new features since the last mobile release, but it sure does look nice on an expanded screen: 


WordPress for the iPad composition screen

Ben Parr of Mashable wrote an entire post from the application in order to review it, and noted that typing isn't as difficult as one might expect (unless you've got long nails). On the other hand, he also found posting photos and including links to be somewhat problematic. 

The application also allows you to moderate comments as you would on the platform: 

WordPress for the iPad comments review

Moreover, the application lets you geotag your photos with either your iPad or iPhone, tuning into that location-based thing we've all come to know and love so much. 

If  the iPad continues to sell the way it has been since its release, we can see the iPad WordPress app totally blowing its iPhone predecessor out of the water. 

"I personally wouldn’t use the iPhone version to create content for a site although the iPad version looks like it might be good enough to do just that," noted a writer on gadgetavenue.com

On the other hand, users may find that it makes more sense to access WordPress directly from their iPad browser, as you would on a regular computer. But, until we filter out the cool from the just plain unnecessary, it's fun to give apps like these a try. 

Have you tried it out? What do you think?