WordPress Treats VIP Users with Primo Hosting and SupportAre you among the WordPress.com (news, site) elite? The team behind the popular Web CMS just re-launched their VIP services, providing exclusive hosting and developer-to-developer support for high-profile and high-traffic sites.

WordPress.com – VIP Support and Hosting

Previously two separate sites for two separate services, the WordPress VIP perks are now a package deal. Check out the basics via video:

Essentially, WordPress.com VIP is designed to offer “rock-solid uptime” and other automated niftyness to WordPress.com users that bring traffic in by the millions, as well as some handy support for users that run and operate their own WordPress installs.

Also, everything is unlimited. As in: traffic, page views, uploads and storage space. Neat.

VIP 2010

WordPress says they have some exciting stuff in store for the VIP program this year, including a dedicated VIP Hosting Portal (complete with documentation of all special functions, theme and system info, and best practice coding guideless), and a streamlined ticketing system and support for a better look at general activity.

WordPress also plans to add some private forum features that will “make finding answers more efficient and provide our team clearer information that will make interactions better.”

Check out the details at the new VIP site.