New development tools quicken the design and deployment of XML content authoring solutions; improved usability provides business content creators with even more flexibility. Blast Radius has announced XMetaL 4.5, offering simplified creation of reusable business content - expediting multichannel content delivery, cutting production costs and providing complete control over content quality. Non-technical content contributors will appreciate the improved usability of the editing interface, now available as a standalone application or as an embedded tool. Developers will value XMetaL 4.5's automatic generation of style sheets and other customisation files, support for application-level customisations, SGML support, and MathML integration. "XMetaL 4.5 offers intuitive and flexible content authoring interfaces and supports the latest XML and Web standards," said Gurval Caer, president and CEO of Blast Radius. "Being the only comprehensive XML content authoring solution available in both desktop and embeddable versions, we will continue to work with enterprise customers and nurture our vibrant partner channel to extend XMetaL 4.5 to meet the unique needs of each customer." "Nearly 80 per cent of large company respondents in our recent research, which spanned industries including manufacturing and financial services, said that XML was being used or planned for use to facilitate multichannel communications," said Mike Maziarka, director, InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. Learn more.