XOOPS Web CMS Sees 57% Growth Rate
 Open source Web content management provider XOOPS (news, site) is making some solid headway--a fact recently highlighted by Alexa.com. According to the Web information company, XOOPS’ reach increased by 57% over the last three months:


XOOPS growth rate 


For the climb in popularity, the company thanks their influx of new developers. In fact, XOOPS had enough players on their team to recently split up into focus groups. One team works on the maintenance of the 2.4.x series, while a second, newer team has their hands on the 2.5.x series (with main focus on redesigning the Admin with jQuery).

All those hands in the same cookie jar has resulted in XOOPS being able to kick out CMS updates on a monthly basis since August 2008. 

These updates have recently included some usability improvements in the form of an overhauled admin interface, the version 2.4.4 final, and the XOOPS 2.5 pre-alpha for those who absolutely couldn't wait for the 2.5 alpha (released this week). 

Love for Open Source

But of course, let's not forget the other reason open source solutions like XOOPS are getting so much attention. In this economy, who can afford anything else?

As a result, the competition is pretty stiff. Acquia is getting ready to release Drupal Gardens, KnowledgeTree kicked out an Adobe AIR-friendly solution, Hippo CMS has a new version come out--and the list goes on

Learning Opportunities

However, it's obvious that XOOPS is doing well despite myriad offerings. For now, here's what comes stock:


  • Database-driven, personalization of individual users
  • multi-language capability
  • web-based admin with a "friendly user interface"
  • community support
  • use of other Open Source components

Hang around here if you're interested in seeing how this list grows over the coming months.