Canadian Belus Technology today announced Version 1.5 of XStandard, a standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor for Windows and browser-based content management systems (IE/Mozilla/Firefox/ActiveX). The new version of XStandard brings significant performance enhancements, including a loading time for the editor that is five times faster than previous versions, and under half a second on the average computer. "The enthusiasm for WYSIWYG editors in content management systems is matched by the frustration authors feel waiting for editors to open in the browser," said Vlad Alexander, head of development at Belus Technology. Java-based editors in particular are notoriously sluggish when loading in the browser, and prior to loading must be downloaded each time an author opens a document containing a Java-based editor. "This is where plug-in editors like XStandard really excel, at the performance level," explains Alexander. "Unlike Java-based editors, plug-ins live on the client machine, so they are downloaded to the user's PC once only and now, in the case of XStandard, load into the browser in record time." Poetic Pauses Preserved Version 1.5 of XStandard also introduces a "Heartbeat" feature that ensures in-progress content is not lost when editing sessions are "timed out" and authors are forcibly logged off of the CMS. By sending regular "pulses" to the server, the Heartbeat ensures that Session state remains open for as long as authors need to complete their work. The full list of enhancements for v1.5 include:
  • 5-times faster loading (under half a second on the average PC)
  • Caching of customization files
  • A unique "heartbeat" (prevents session timeout)
  • Support for SSL
  • Easier cross-browser integration (supports the type attribute in IE / Firefox)
  • Ability to hide advanced editing features from novice users
  • Copy / paste images from the clipboard (paste directly from Photoshop, etc.)
  • Ability to customize icons in the Directory service (bridge to 3rd-party content)
  • Support for "placeholders" (custom tags that reserve space for dynamic content)
  • Easier image insertion in the Lite version (image dimensions now optional)
The latest version of XStandard is available for purchase effective immediately.