XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, announced today the availability of two new toolkits for its [email protected] content management and workflow software application. These feature-rich toolkits enhance the capabilities in [email protected] by providing a collaborative editorial and publishing review environment, as well as enabling broader sets of users to interact with the system with standard Microsoft(R) Office(TM) applications. Built upon core [email protected] functionality, the Publishing Collaboration Toolkit and Office Integration Toolkit provide features useful in a broad variety of customer environments. They enable both existing and new [email protected] users to leverage [email protected]'s proven functionality and configure the add-ons for extra capabilities tailored to their unique workflow needs. Publishing Collaboration Toolkit The [email protected] Publishing Collaboration toolkit enables users to meet challenging review and notification requirements within their collaborative workflows. Using the toolkits, users can work with content through tools and interfaces tailored to their organizational role, expertise, and skill set, both on the desktop and through Web-based interfaces. The [email protected] Publishing Collaboration Toolkit includes tools for document version comparisons, automatic notification of changes in content to individuals or work pools, and collaborative review of content and documents. This toolkit showcases the following features: -- "Content compare" capabilities with leading third-party XML editors and through XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) enterprise publishing engine. -- A new "Notes Link" feature available in review documents permits remote users to add [email protected] Notes to content objects as part of Review and Approval cycles. -- A new "Collaborative Notes Add and Review" function enables Web-based [email protected] users to add notes, display notes, and create a summary of review comments as part of the collaborative publishing review cycle. -- Email notifications for standard workflow steps, as well as collaborative review work pools. Each of these tools, built using standard [email protected] functionality and its robust Application Programming Interface (API), is offered as a building block for further configuration or integration in the customer's [email protected] environment. Office Integration Toolkit The [email protected] Office Integration Toolkit facilitates the participation of the many editors, authors, reviewers, publishers, and subject-matter experts who increasingly participate in the XML content lifecycle. Although these users may not be XML experts, many need the benefits of easy content access, workflow participation, version control, and re-use of content and documents. The Office Integration Toolkit facilitates easy use of [email protected] functionality to enhance, create, manage, reuse, and deliver MS Office files without requiring significant training for the users. Some of the tools included in the [email protected] Office Integration Toolkit include: -- PowerPoint Componentization -- to store, manage, and re-use each slide as a reusable component. -- Word Template Management -- to apply different formatting templates based on metadata values. -- Word Compare -- to show differences between documents at different version levels. -- Outlook Integration -- to send text and attachments from Outlook to be managed in [email protected] -- Project Reporting -- to make project reports available at two mouse-clicks via a Microsoft Access front end to a [email protected] database. Each of these tools is a building block for further configuration or integration in each customer's unique environment to enhance content workflows and extend [email protected]'s capabilities to broader sets of users. Learn more about [email protected], XML Content Management, and the [email protected] Toolkits at www.xyenterprise.com. The Web site also provides links to XyEnterprise's ongoing Web Seminar series and recorded events where you can view XyEnterprise products and solutions in action. About XyEnterprise Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions. Recently named one of the EContent "100 Digital Companies that Matter," XyEnterprise's XML content management software -- [email protected] -- and its automated XML publishing engine -- XPP -- power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, aerospace and defense industries. Its customers include LexisNexis, Boeing, Kohler, the U.S. Navy, Underwriters Laboratories, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky, Gulfstream, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and many others. For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781-756-4400 or www.xyenterprise.com.